Suprising people

with cross-media

One of the most innovative apps: CEE App. Oddessey Solutions has applied itself more than 100% in order to develop the underlying technology and optimization. These are the words Babak Monfared, CEO of Endeavour Media.

You could say that our partnership is a match made in heaven.

Babak Monfared, CEO en medeoprichter van de startup Endeavour Media
Seven different tagging methods

scanning effortlessly

"The CEE App connects the online world with the offline world. The special feature of the app is that it uses seven different tagging methods, including bar code, QR code recognition, Chameleon Code, audio coding and NFC (Near Field Communication).

Tagging is a way to add information to things in the physical world, such as posters. If you scan a code on a poster with your smartphone, new extra content will appear. Think of YouTube videos and mobile websites. Furthermore, there are additional functionalities added to the CEE App, for example, location recognition and language recognition."

Scanning codes and setting upĀ 

cross-media campaigns

"On the one hand, the Cee App is designed for consumers to quickly and easily scan all kinds of different codes with the app. On the other hand, the underlying architecture of the app is used by companies to quickly and easily create cross-media marketing campaigns. "
Why a partnership

with Oddessey Solutions?

"As an innovative company in the field of media, we were looking for a party who has the technical knowledge, but above all have the enthusiasm to take on the adventure with us.

Oddessey Solutions proved to be the right partner. They are a company that can compete globally in their industry with any major undertaking, if only to deal with their expertise, but especially because of their hard work and the careful and committed way they with their customers. "