Digital solutions that add down to the smallest detail

Based on our years of experience we offer comprehensive services in the areas of applications, SMS applications and web applications. For all kinds of organizations: from innovative start-ups to reputable companies.

Analysis and Opinion

You want to know if your existing digital solution is still working properly. We can analyze your application thoroughly and identify problems. We will then advise on how your product can be optimized. Perhaps it is wise to remove or to make upgrades to add additional functionality, certain functionalities. We check with you or your digital application is still up-to-date and remains effective.


You can contact us for custom apps, SMS and web applications. We develop applications that are effective, versatile, scalable and innovative. We do this in a bold and careful manner. Your application is an essential part of your growth strategy. That's why you want it seamlessly with your objectives and desires of your audience.

With an innovative app your organization will remain in the picture
We make sustainable apps for all major platforms, including Android and iOS. With sustainable we mean apps that are used regularly by audiences throughout the year via their smartphone and tablet.

Smart SMS applications for fast and direct customer contact
Many companies still make full use of SMS to easily and directly reach their target market at any time. In addition, they can raise their subscribers with SMS, broaden service and (inter) achieve national coverage. Our SMS applications are highly advanced and extremely reliable. Customized top quality thanks to a clever way of building. The SMS applications are available day and night and every month we process millions of messages world-wide.

​Complex web applications to interact with your audience
We develop complex web applications, or platforms with a large number of functions and a comprehensive backend system. The applications are responsive and therefore suitable for any smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Management and Maintenance

Your application has gone live. Now we need to keep it in top condition. Therefore we can also take care of the management and maintenance or parts thereof for you. To relieve you so that you can focus on your core business! It is possible to outsource the IT part to us. We will keep your application constantly in the air.

We can also take care of the maintenance of your application.
​We then examine regularly how your application performs in practice. In addition to external and internal factors, we take things as laws and regulations into account. Based on this, we can take measures together, such as renewing the design of the app or enhance the app with a new feature.


Your application can be put together so well, your audience does need to use it. Therefore it’s of utmost importance that you promote your application. Preferably before it even goes live. Oddessey Solutions can help u with that.

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